Blockchain & Crypto

New areas provide more freedom for action. We will help you use all the advantages for your business.

  • DAO, DEX, DEFI structures

    We will analyze each component in order to find effective legal ways to implement the project.

  • NFT

    We support the development of technologies. We understand how to protect new forms of expression of objects and rights in the form of NFT.

  • Web3

    Is decentralization the present or the future? We will take care of the legal security of your blockchain projects.

  • Play-2-Earn

    Properly structured legal documentation will help your project always win.

  • Crypto licenses and authorizations

    We will help you find the best country for registering a crypto exchange and issue a license for it as quickly as possible.

  • Token issues

    Legal registration of token issuance minimizes risks from the side of regulators, among participants and during listing on stock exchanges.

  • Legal structure

    We will choose the optimal jurisdictions, tax burden, and also build legal relations with employees and contractors

  • IP rights

    Brand protection and transfer of IP rights are a “must-have.” We are also happy to offer you patenting of your own blockchain solutions