Intellectual property

Intellectual property protection is an art that requires a creative approach. We are professionals in this field.

  • Trademarks

    It does not matter if it is a new brand or already known on the market. We will take care of your protection, as well as local and international registration.

  • Patents

    We will get a "monopoly" on your inventions and technologies. We support the search process, both local and international patenting.

  • Copyright

    Cheats, images and music, databases, characters, and more. We know different strategies to protect your copyright and related rights.

  • Transfer of rights

    Thanks to us, the results of the work will always be yours. Any design, code, IT solution or other object of intellectual property.

  • Litigation

    We will analyze the chances and offer a winning strategy using modern legal tools.

  • Internet security

    We will remove advertising of the counterfeit products or their distribution on the network. We work with websites, domain disputes, and marketplaces.

  • Contracts and licenses

    The contract should work for you. We will develop contracts and license agreements to protect your interests in cooperation with counterparties.

  • IP box & book

    We build effective portfolios of intellectual property, as well as a component of investment and evaluation documentation.