IT & Startups

We cooperate with startups at various stages of development, IT companies, and investments. We will definitely find a common language.

  • Legal structure

    We will help with business structuring. We take into account your goals and objectives, taxes, relocation of employees and investments.

  • IP rights

    The rights to the name, brand, product, technology and work result must belong to you. We will take care of it.

  • Taxes

    Effective planning is the key to profitability. We structure the corporate and personal tax burden.

  • Investments and investors

    Corporate rights, SAFE or SAFT, issue of shares and others. Our team will evaluate the optimal conditions for your project.

  • Interaction with marketplaces

    Правильна підготовка до публікації в AppStore та GooglePlay - запорука успішної публікації вашого додатку.

  • Contracts and agreements

    We will legally secure your agreements with partners, team, investors and regulate mutual relations.

  • IP box

    IP objects should work for you. We will develop effective systems of transfer of rights, monitoring and objects using.

  • IP book

    Specially prepared information that will become a component of your pitch deck, investment or evaluation documentation.

We recommend evaluating jurisdictions individually for each project

Some insights about IT-friendly countries in the table below:

  • like
  • there are some questions
  • certain limitations or features
КраїнаTaxesAccount openingIT and special regimesLegalizationShares and investments
USA (Delaware)

*Disclaimer - the information in the table is not legal advice. We recommend evaluating requirements individually, taking into account changing factors and everyone's priorities

Your roadmap for opening an IT business:

  • 01

    Questionnaire or intro meeting with us

    We determine the main tasks, priorities and features of your project

  • 02

    Consultation with our experts

    Wel offer the best options, analyze the risks and help you decide

  • 03

    Approval of the action plan

    Practical aspects of legalization, such as opening an account, tax residency, employment and running a business

  • 04


    Registration, opening an account, finding an accountant, preparing contracts and other issues for your business